The sense of shame

Shame is one of the most common forms of suffering. In my work over the past decade, I have been touched and saddened by how deeply and chronically people live with the experience of shame. It becomes a part of the texture of our lives. Something we go hurtling back to with every life stressor.…
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Beyond twenty16

Who can say why 2016 was so difficult for so many people. How is it possible that 2016 became a global phenomenon for being a bad year around the world. Social media seemed to promote and support this idea, as the 2016 despair filled Facebook and the like. I don’t really understand what this was…
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Book review – The course of love

The course of love: Alain de Botton I read this book recently following the recommendation of my own therapist, who herself found it beautiful, and very useful in her thinking about partnerships. The book is written as a novel, which is unusual for Alain de Botton, whose writings are typically not fictional. It tells the…
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Optimism or positive thinking: Thoughts about living with hope

I’ve always struggled a bit to wrap my head around the idea of positive thinking, Popular psychology stresses that we think positively about those areas of our lives which cause us strain and sadness. The idea that we are often taught is that we should resist dwelling in our despair, and that we fight to…
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