Individual psychotherapy – Working with adults

In my therapeutic processes with adults I stress the importance of maintaining a sense of continuity across time. To the extent that reality permits, we need to keep a same day-same time appointment, in which the patient knows that he or she has a place in the world to come to; place that belongs to no one else. A place that relies on the supportive presence of someone who is interested to sit, listen and think through all of the events taking place in the patient’s internal and external life.

I am a psychoanalytically oriented therapist, which means that I emphasize subjective life above all else. I focus in my work on thinking carefully with the patient about what they are conscious of in terms of their mental life. I focus on developing a sense of curiosity about what is not yet known, what is not yet conscious. Through learning about these unknown parts, I focus on supporting the patient in being able to use this knowledge in his or her on-going adaptations to the challenges of daily life, such that he or she can come to face reality in a life-oriented and self-supportive manner.

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