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Couples Psychotherapy

The relationship with the primary person in our lives is meant to be the most trusted, enriching, supportive and lovely relationship of them all. It is meant to be the place where we find that we are loved unconditionally, and where we learn how to offer unconditional love in a consistent enough way. When this…
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Family Psychotherapy

Emotional life is complex, and exists in the context of our network of human relationships. There are times when it is more helpful to include all the key players in the therapeutic process, rather than just one person. In these times, family therapy can be a useful and cost-effective approach to restoring and upholding psychological…
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Individual psychotherapy – Working with adults

In my therapeutic processes with adults I stress the importance of maintaining a sense of continuity across time. To the extent that reality permits, we need to keep a same day-same time appointment, in which the patient knows that he or she has a place in the world to come to; place that belongs to…
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Individual psychotherapy – Working with teenagers

I work with people 14 years and up. Usually when I work with teenagers I like to invite in the parent/s to chat with me, but only once I’ve really grown to know the person I’m working with. My work with teenagers is generally guided by the patient him or herself, although there are times…
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